Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Sarmistha or call her sarmi Karati. This is pure woman Bengali. She graduated from the engineering technologies. Sarma ends in VS Nebrska University in 2007. But I decided to try happiness in the world of glamor modeling and movies.

She supported her family and friends to support it deserves. In the end, she tries to make a career in film and television at the end of class engineer.

It is part of the West Bengal Govt. "And the Institute Kolkata Film and Television Training Institute in the field of modeling and acting.

This is her first film in English in Calcutta, a film entitled "History repeats itself. She was cast in the main lead character of Sita. It is a star Ajay. It was like a cross over film in English. The film is called in Tamil as" Neeela Manitharkal ".

She has worked with several professional photographers in the U.S. and in India. Her profile picture too much.

Here are some favorite pictures from magazines in South India. I hope you will enjoy collecting these photographs gallery. If you have any special comments, which you can place here in the comments column below.

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