Monday, May 1, 2017

Nepali Hot Actresses in Bikini

smita_1Smita Thapa is made popular by model promoting sites by posting highly revealing poses of hers. Due to the nascent nature of Nepali modeling industry, ‘skin show’ is considered the only talent most desirable in Nepali models. Smita leads the crowd and she made herself popular by this interview in which she has accepted that she has multiple sex partners and she quite comfortable to shed clothes for the camera. It is to be noted that she was drinking whiskey while talking to the Kantipur reporter for this interview. Full interview in Nepali follows:

sonia_kc_4Model turned actress Sonia KC is known for showing off a lot of skin in modeling shots and movies.The actress was once talked about due to the very erotic kiss scene in a movie.
Sonia KC once accused a director, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, trying to rape her. She took the case to the police and later sorted it out in mutual understanding.
When asked if she can work in sex films, she replied, “Why not, I can do any types of movies.” At the same time, she also told that she is still a virgin. You can read the interview below (in Nepali) to determine how virgin she might be:


Rekha Thapa says she is not married

Everybody knows she is married, and she even published photos in which her husband Chhabi Ojha is kissing her, in the last Valentine Day. But, now she is telling that she has never been married!

In Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant, loves controversy and wants to be on the headlines and in similar manner in Nepali movie industry we have Rekha Thapa. Any kind of news weather it is good, or bad, or even ugly, related to Rekha Thapa, is some sort of marketing for herself or her movies. Recently, in a popular weekly program Bi-scope of Kantipur FM, she announced that she is still a bachelor and is looking for a boyfriend.

Everybody knows she is married with one of the producers, Chabi Ojha, and has been living with him for years. But she claims that they are not officially married yet. She is still looking for someone faithful like a dog, who can protect her from any adversaries.

Does she mean Chabi is not a dog enough for her? Or is it just another marketing strategies for her recent release Hifajaat. A Hindu religious group’s the movie from being shown in Kathmandu has actually helped the movie in favorable manner. Everybody, all over Nepal are rushing to the theaters to see what is so objectionable in the dress she wears in the movie.
Whatever may be the case, Rekha is the hottest sensation these days and everything about her makes a sensational news!

palpalma – ramit-sujata

palpalma poster

palpalma - bed_scene
pal   palma_bed_2
palpalma_poster 2

Rekha Shah

Singer Rekha Shah won the legal battle to snatch the copyright of the song she sang in a competition and won the first prize. The song was recently remade and released by Music Nepal. But, the copyright of the song was shared by another singer Prem Raja Mahat and Music Nepal.
The battle and the result has set a new trend in Nepali music industry. After the incident, Nepali music artists are hopeful to get justice in their creations in the future.

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