Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha's weight loss from 90 to 60 kilos

Sonakshi Sinha stunned the viewers of ‘Dabangg’ with her glowing beauty and smoldering screen presence. Once weighing in at 90 kilos, the necessity of losing weight first occurred to Sonakshi while she was a student of fashion designing. Following the realization, Sonakshi started out on her rigorous health regime, which effectively dropped her weight from 90 to 60 kilos. Today, the star has a solid ticket to Bollywood and recently even reaped the Filmfare award for the best new face in the industry.

Sonakshi’s health regime includes a high protein diet and a strict control on carbs. Sonakshi says a big No to consuming carbohydrate-rich food after the evening hours. She also gives a thumbs-up to drinking lots of green tea in a day.

Under the guidance of Salman Khan, Sonakshi started off her routine by working out at the gym two times each week. Slowly she inculcated the habit of weight-training along with gymming around 4 or 5 times in a single week. Sonakshi also says that spinning is something that went a long way in helping her lose weight.

Hot yoga is another one of her secrets. Sonakshi regularly works out various yoga positions in a steamed room at 40 degrees. She loves yoga and prefers it to performing plain aerobic exercises. Also quite a sportswoman, Sonakshi enjoys playing tennis.

There are no shortcuts to weight loss, says Sonakshi. She says that she would not consider going into drastic weight loss techniques and that slow and steady is her way to go about it.

Diet secret
‘Stop eating carbs after six in the evening and drink several cups of green tea throughout the day.’
Sonakshi also insists that you must hit the gym along with keeping a check on your calorie intake.
Sports v/s gym
I like to workout with someone. My yoga instructor has helped me a lot. I also prefer yoga over aerobics and play tennis at times.
Quick tips on weightloss

Sorry there are no shortcuts! Sonakshi says that there is no way you can shed some kilos in a week.
‘Slow and steady wins the race, so I would never do anything drastic.’
Beauty advice

‘You must wash your face with a good face wash. Don’t use a soap for cleaning your face because it dries the skin. Avoid make-up if you don’t have to attend a glamorous do.’
What about style and clothes? ‘You must dress according to your body type’
Here’s the routine Sonakshi started on in her bid to drop the excess baggage:
- She began visiting the gym twice a day.
- She started on a high protein diet.
- She cut back on her carbohydrate consumption.
- She experienced immense benefits from spinning.
- She included weight training in her regular fitness regime, working at it four to five times a week.
Here’s the lowdown on the actress’ present routine:
- She takes small meals every three hours to keep her energy levels high.
- She has been performing hot yoga to tone her body — working on various postures in a steamed room where the temperature is 40 degrees C.
- She loves the company of other individuals during a workout session.
- She shows preference for yoga over aerobics.
- She often takes pleasure in playing tennis.
Sonakshi suggests that one stop eating carbs after six in the evening. She also supports the idea of drinking several cups of green tea daily.
The actress revealed that she did not have to look back after she lost 30 kgs. She got enough guidance and health tips from one of the fittest heroes of the industry, Salman Khan. With her great looks and a perfect body, she is the new darling of Bollywood — and India.

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